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Tanya Eldert

About Tanya

Tanya Eldert lives in Tampa, Florida and is an author, entrepreneur, business owner, broker associate, licensed real estate instructor, certified business and group coach, travel agent, and in general, never plans to get bored. She owns 2 corporations, a real estate school, several online stores, and a publishing company. In case you couldn’t guess, she also struggles with ADHD, but sees that as a brain perk to get everything done and think outside the box. She has also overcome Triple + Breast Cancer in 2020/21, struggled with diabetes for 30+ years, and helps her daughter, who has had Ehlers Danlos, POTS, MCAS and Dysautonomia since she was 13. Living with health challenges has helped her appreciate life and want to leave a legacy of serving others.


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Books & Courses

Here are some of the books & courses Tanya has released.

Agent Systems of Success™

A Workbook for Each Stage of Your Real Estate Career

Real Estate Professional Network

Professional Membership for Experienced Agents

Agent Success Start Program

Coaching, content & Training for New Agents

Event Schedule

Virtual and Live Events Coming Up to Meet Tanya and Network

Creating Connections

Creating Synergy, Providing Value, and Helping Others is my WHY, I do what I do! Here are some fun events we’ve done. Would you like me to visit you?

Tanya’s Ventures

Tanya has been an entrepreneur her entire life. She started working with the family owned business at the age of 13 and opened her own business at the age of 19. She currently runs a marketing and real estate corporation, a publishing company, and a real estate school.

Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate agent and interested in learning about joining Tanya and creating a career that ‘encompasses’ the partnerspirit, watch the video below.